Real Food Pledge

Here at Maya's Jams, we pledge not never use any artificial ingredients or fruits harvested from unsustainable farming practices. Good, healthy food is the utmost importance for the family, and we would never sell anything we wouldn't eat ourselves. That's a promise! This means that with any of Maya's Jams products you can be worry-free about bad ingredients or feeding your family unhealthy foods! 


Maya’s Jams are locally handmade in the Hudson Valley in New York. 
My grandma, mom and I make all of our jams by hand from mostly hand-picked fruits from our own orchard, which is grown organically or from family farms of the Hudson Valley in New York.
Our jams’ exquisite flavors are the result of our commitment to using only the finest ingredients. Every jam is inspired by family recipes handed down over five generations. 

With Maya’s Jams you will enjoy a premium quality, delicious jam. 

Maya’s Jams are made with:
      All Natural Ingredients
      Real Fresh Fruit 
      Real Fruit Juice (not from Concentrate)
      Vegan Cane Sugar**
      Non-GMO* Organic Citric Acid

      NO Artificial Ingredients 
      NO High-Fructose Corn Syrup 
      NO Preservatives 
      NO Artificial Colors 
      NO Artificial Flavors
      NO Fillers  

The low-calorie and low-sugar content supports a healthy lifestyle. 
Our jams are naturally gluten-free and vegan.

* GMO (genetically modified organism)
** Vegan Cane Sugar (not processed with bone char)